You Have Dreams. How To Make Them Happen?

People have dreams that they never achieve because they don’t know how to work toward them.

Any dream or plan doesn’t happen when it has no step-by-step timetable of actions. Cal Newport, the author of a book titled “Deep Work,” says that any plan should put into a special measure: a fixed scheduled productivity. Which means, you commit to use a particular time slot for certain kinds of activities.

It sounds great to have a testable and measurable method for productivity.

As you go deeper, it is essential to have at first a clear plan so that you can do a breakdown of plans to be small enough to be executed.

Those can be measured to ensure effectiveness of the progress. To create measurable actions that deliver a rapid return on effort, you can refer to the book titled “The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX).”

This book outlines a very important concept of lead measure and lag measure. Lead measure tells you if you are likely to achieve a goal through a set of actions that can influence the result; lag measure informs you at the end of a process only whether you achieve or not.

Let’s put it this way, you want to lose weigh, and you normally weigh body mass in a way to measure success of your effort. It is late because the measure tells your weight; you just get a final result (lag measure), hence, there is no room for change. Instead of doing that, there is another choice: you can do jogging or eating healthy food. This choice is called lead measure as it can be calculated based on the amount of time you are planning for jogging, or the amount of calory in each meal. For example, you are planning to jog 30 minutes a day for a month, hence; the lead measure is 30-minute jogging per day. After one month, you weigh your body mass.

Any dream or plan has its lead measure. Once you get it, you put it into a fixed scheduled activity. The schedule can be controlled, and your activity can be measured.

Achieving your dream must be seen as to strive to progress.



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