Why is Educating Yourself so Important? Here is The Advantage of Learning Other People’s Mental Model

Our mind works as perceptual filter so that the reality will be captured and configured to be pattern.

Pattern is an internal system, called as mental model, it shows how we respond the situation. Because we already have tools of thinking, the way we make decision will be faster as we know the steps. The process of learning will go like this.

It makes our life easier.

How can we expand our mental model?

Education plays a prominent role to bring this life. Any mental model that has been already coined can be learned and then transfered to a new recipients. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. By collecting a wide range of new patterns, you can develop your mind.

A long life learner will accumulate mental models bit by bit.

To keep moving forward, just remember that the engine of education is curiosity.

Mindware Writer