What Can You Learn From “Grit” To Make A Move?

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Many people often underestimate the importance of grit until they know the grit opens the way to more success.

What qualities do you need to go through hard times? Sure, the endurance is one of them, but to make you move forward you need discipline. Jim Collins, the author bestsellers “Great By Choice,” explains how important disciplined behavior to push on toward your destination as it is about the progress toward a timeline.

Angela Duckworth’s Grit, The New York Times bestseller, tells that grit makes people stay interested and works consistently toward goals, which means they are ready to absorb risks to strive tirelessly to succeed.

We used to put this into practice when we were children.

Babies keep being persistent to walk even though falling down so much. The more they fall the more they try until they can walk.

I’ve never heard babies lose hope as they suffer from falling often. What the best thing babies have is the environment that supports them. When they fall, adults will cheer them up. They are brave enough to retry as they know that they will have supports. Unfortunately, adults have the challenge not togive up due to social criticism when they fail — sometimes, I think we need the knowledge of “personal risk management” like we need the knowledge of a personal finance.

Anyway, to move forward you need endurance and discipline. Grit is a preliminary phase to prepare for a long journey. As the proverb says, “ a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The first step needs courage and readiness to absorb risk; that’s why grit is important.




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Mohammad Haikal

Mohammad Haikal

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