Lesson Learned from Wild Life: Do Cheetahs Have Fridges?

Photo by Ahmed Galal on Unsplash

Ask yourself one simple question: How come cheetahs stay strong and agile?

Living in a wild forest is a very competitive, and the power is with the Strongs and the Fasts. They are free from worry, survive and prosper. As the fastest predators, cheetahs sneak up and chase, and with a maximum speed in short bursts, it is easy for them to attack.

They have strong confidence.

There must be something we can learn from the wild life.

Back to the above question, how can you explain the way cheetahs maintain the life style. You can highlight based on cheetahs’ behavior.

There are two major insights. First, cheetahs always move. They do jogging, run fast, and jump before they eat meat. The amount of calories in meat is used as energy. There is no excessive fat because of unused calories.

Second, they get all the food they need, and then they stop hunting. They get relaxed, and no need to accumulate surpluses. That’s why they don’t have fridges.

Do you have a fridge?

Hope it does not turn to be a storage of excessive food stockpiles.




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Mohammad Haikal

Mohammad Haikal

Mindware Writer

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